My worst teachers ever…

This week we talked about the ‘negative teachers’ in our lives and what we have learned from them. As part of our student creed we have a line that reads, “I show respect to all that help me progress”. The logical question then follows, are we able to respect those bad teachers and situations that we are bound to encounter. … Read More

They said she wasn’t good enough…

Success Starts Here Sign

I recently attended a sold out concert by a woman who was told she was not good enough. That she would never sell-out a concert hall. That what she was doing was too different to work. In front of millions of people she was told she sounded like, “drowned rats being strangled.” Obviously what Lindsey Stirling’s critics told her was … Read More

Where is YOUR Focus??

Lately there is a lot of negativity on social media due to our current election. It seems everyone is up in arms and totally convinced of whatever it is they have decided. It seems the nastier the candidates get to each other, the nastier the people get to one another. A certain percentage of folks have decided that this is … Read More

Its been two weeks…

Akitoshi Headstand

I realize I haven’t posted recently about what is going on in my ninja entrepreneurial Quest! As I hit the official end of a full two weeks since quitting I am starting to feel more like myself than I have in years. I am slowly working on getting new things started and am starting to ramp things up. I needed … Read More

Rest and Recovery

So I am now in week two of full time entrepreneurship (week 3 now but I was slow to publish). One of the biggest things is I can now actually spell it without word correcting me! Yay! Last week I took some very important time off to spend with my two 8 year old daughters who were on fall break. … Read More

Michael Stinson The Adventure Begins

Akitoshi and his girls

This was written a few nights ago, but due to the sensitive nature of the article I could not post it until everything was completed earlier this week! Tomorrow is the day my life once again changes. I will admit it freely…I am scared. I am also elated, excited, frustrated that it has taken me this long to jump. I … Read More

Use Your Voice – Putting your Spirit into Martial Arts Training

Shadow Q-Guy Logo Image

In this short video I discuss one of the most important aspects to our To-Shin Do self defense training method. For many it can be one of the hardest in the beginning stages of training. Please watch the video and share any thoughts you may have on the topic!

I need to get in better shape before I….

In this video I discuss one common reason people say they are waiting to start training in the martial arts. Although this is specifically about martial arts training, we use reasons such as this to hold back on many of things we want to do in our lives. Please watch and consider where in your own life you may be … Read More

Standing up to Bullies

Ninja Kids practicing a padded drill

So I agree with the basic idea of this article. Kids need to know that it is OK to defend themselves against bullies, that they will be supported by their families regardless of what the schools may choose to do. One important factor though is that a kid (or even an adult) is very unlikely to actually stand up for … Read More